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What is the difference between silicone sealing ring and rubber density ring?

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What is the difference between silicone sealing ring and rubber density ring?

Incorrect material selection: there are many kinds of common silicone sealing ring materials, and their characteristics are different, so the application is also different. Therefore, when selecting materials, we should consider from all aspects, and learn more about the basic knowledge of silicone sealing ring and other aspects

Silicon rubber sealing ring

Unreasonable application of hydraulic seals: if a good hydraulic seal is not applied properly, all goods will be invalid, such as the application fault of clean oil.

An important part of analyzing the invalidity of silicone sealing ring is to investigate the production process of hydraulic seals or the equipment and application process of the application party. For example, according to the laboratory analysis, the raw materials of hydraulic seals may have environmental pollution. In order to determine this kind of speculation, the analysis staff should go to the manufacturer to investigate the actual operation gap, and sample at several possible production stages.

The sealing ring can be used in many places in life, such as kitchen supplies, household appliances and other goods in the kitchen. Nowadays, there are many types of sealing rings, such as silicone sealing rings, rubber sealing rings, etc. The most widely used ones should be silicone sealing rings. What is the difference between silicone sealing rings and rubber sealing rings? Let's have a look together!

The difference between silicone sealing ring and rubber sealing ring:

1. Look at the ignition of the two: the burning of silica gel will not help the fire and the incense ash is white, but when you light the rubber, you will find that the lit ash is black, and the smell is very smelly. Silicone vulcanized rubber has the advantages of high temperature resistance, ultra-low temperature - 100~315 ℃, weather resistance, hydrophobicity, electrical equipment insulation performance, physiological plasticity, etc., and has won wide application in medical services, industrial and agricultural production and public life. The main thing is that it is non-toxic and odorless, such as baby silicone bottle pacifier.

2. Silicone sealing ring: The raw materials of rubber are divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is made from natural latex collected from rubber trees through condensation and drying. Moreover, natural rubber has good elasticity, strong elongation and other excellent characteristics; So it is widely used in safety production manufacturing, drainage hose, rain boots, etc; However, the rubber that is made of ingredients is used to produce rubber. Because the product cost of natural rubber is very high, the relatively low cost of rubber is produced. The rubber produced mainly includes neoprene, nitrile rubber, silicone rubber, fluororubber, polysulfide rubber and polyurethane rubber.


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