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Application and function of sealant on automobile lamps

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Application and function of sealant on automobile lamps

The automobile lamp is an essential part of the automobile. It plays an important role in night lighting, driving signal, fog anti-collision, steering sign and other aspects, and is an important guarantee for the safe driving of the automobile. In order to seal the lens and lamp housing in the production of automobile lamps, sealant must be used for bonding.

In the application of lamp adhesive, firstly, the lamp sealant shall be affected by the heat emitted by the bulb. Under the corresponding high temperature environment, it must ensure that its adhesive and sealing properties do not change, and at the same time, it cannot release organic gas, produce atomization, and do not turn yellow, which will affect the appearance.

Secondly, when the lamp sealant is exposed to ultraviolet radiation in the sun, it will not crack the adhesive layer and other aging phenomena, which requires that the lamp sealant should have good ultraviolet aging resistance; Finally, the lamp sealant will also be eroded by water vapor and rain for a long time, so its sealing performance will not be affected.

Due to its unique molecular structure, good adhesion, excellent high and low temperature resistance, excellent weather resistance, good hydrophobicity, excellent electrical performance and chemical corrosion resistance, silicone sealant products have been widely used in lamp sealing.


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