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Characteristics of thermal conductive silicone rubber

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Characteristics of thermal conductive silicone rubber

Thermal conductive silicone rubber, also known as thermal conductive silicone. Thermal conductive silicone rubber is made of organic silica gel mixed with fillers, thermal conductive materials and other polymer materials. It has good thermal and electrical insulation properties and is widely used in electronic components. Also known as: thermal silicone rubber, thermal silicone. Used to bond transformers, transistors and other heating elements to printed circuit board assemblies or heat sinks.

The thermal conductive silicone rubber has excellent thermal conductivity (heat dissipation performance). The thermal conductivity [w/(m · k)] after curing reaches 1.1~1.5, providing a high guaranteed heat dissipation coefficient for electronic products, ensuring the stability of electronic products (especially products with high heat dissipation requirements) during use, and improving the service performance and service life of the products.

It has excellent electrical performance, aging resistance, cold and heat resistance, moisture resistance, electrical insulation, power attenuation rate, impact resistance, water resistance, vibration absorption and stability, which increases the safety factor of electronic products in use.

Excellent adhesion strength, excellent adhesion to electronic components, aluminum, PVC, PBT and other plastics, excellent sealing performance, excellent adhesion and thermal conductivity. The heat conductive silicone rubber has fast curing speed, is easy to extrude, but does not flow, and is easy to operate. It can be applied manually or mechanically without glue leakage, meeting any working environment and working conditions, and is easy to apply.

The heat transfer silicone rubber is non-toxic, non-irritating gas release, solvent-free, non-corrosive, non-polluting, safer and more environmentally friendly. It has passed the RoHS standard of the European Union, and at the same time, it has made operators and consumers who use electronic products have confidence in the operating conditions they use, providing double guarantees for safety and environmental protection; The thermal conductive silicone rubber has excellent high and low temperature resistance, which can withstand 300 ℃ high temperature in the short term, 280 ℃ high temperature in the long term and - 60 ℃ low temperature.

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