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Introduction to extrusion process of silica gel extrusion strip

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Introduction to extrusion process of silica gel extrusion strip

Silicone extrusion strip

Extrusion process:

For products such as building doors and windows, large mechanical seals and electronic shock absorption of door valves, the size and design shape of the products are often the key issues affecting the performance. In the extrusion process, product shape design is the key. For example, if the size is a working shape or a thin hook shape, the size of the extrusion process will cause relatively difficult deformation; Secondly, if the product is too large and the product size is not fixed, deformation may occur even if there is no fixed support point.

Extrusion processing is a relatively stable production process. Seen from the current form, silica gel extrusion strip materials account for more than 70% of the production and processing. Many silica gel extrusion strip processing enterprises choose extrusion to give up the molding process, focusing on the quality control of products on foam, deformation, appearance quality and materials.

Molding process of silica gel extrusion strip:

In addition to the targeted processing method of extrusion, molding hardening is considered to be one of the popular methods, but compared with silicon extrusion, the size problem is different. The difference between extrusion processing and molding production is that the wireless extension length size can be made, and can not be used as a parting line shape, while molding processing can be made into square, circular, and heterogeneous sealing shapes.

Silica gel extrusion strip is a strip steel shaped product, which can be manufactured by various processing methods during the manufacturing process. Solid silicon and liquid silicon can be used together, and its performance is very good, mainly high and low temperature resistance and good physiological inertia, which can be used normally under various environmental conditions. Long-term use does not affect the deformation and resilience, and has strong durability to external ozone, ultraviolet ray and aging. Green has no conflict with any substance.

Extrusion production process of silica gel extrusion strip:

1. Softener: mixed rubber raw materials are mixed with double directors, platinum vulcanizing agent or silicon masterbatch in the smelting machine to form silicon protruding materials with uniform thickness.

2. Extrusion molding: install the mold at the head of the silicon extruder. The refined rubber is cut into the shape of the same size to facilitate the supply from the inlet of the extruder. Then feed the material through the silicon extruder, extrude the formed but soft silicon hose, put the silicon hose into an 8-meter-long drying furnace, and vulcanize at high temperature. Please make it into semi-finished products through baking silicon hose, and then wrap it.

3. High temperature vulcanization: put the wrapped silicon hose into the oven, generally 180 ° silicon, 200 ° gas-phase silicon hose, and conduct secondary vulcanization at high temperature for 2 hours to remove the smell of silicon hose and prevent spray and yellowing.

4. Subsequent processing: the rest is the subsequent processing, such as cutting or bonding according to the length required by the customer, and then packaging and shipping to the customer as required.


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