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Application of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant

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Application of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant

With the development of the polymer material industry, various polymer materials have been widely used in industries such as fibers, resins, chemicals, construction, transportation, rubber, and electronics. However, most polymer materials have flammable properties, and in order to prevent fires, it is necessary to add flame retardants to these materials, and flame retardants are also required in adhesives. Magnesium hydroxide, as an important inorganic flame retardant, has many advantages such as good thermal stability, non volatilization, non precipitation, no generation of toxic gases, and no pollution. It is considered a green and environmentally friendly flame retardant. Therefore, magnesium hydroxide is widely used in plastics, rubber, flame retardants, and smoke and resin polymer materials.

However, due to the fact that magnesium hydroxide is a highly polar compound on the surface, it is prone to agglomeration between its particles and has poor compatibility with polymers. This results in the addition of magnesium hydroxide having a negative impact on the physical, mechanical, and processing properties of polymers. Therefore, in practical applications, it is often necessary to modify magnesium hydroxide.

The commonly used methods for modifying magnesium hydroxide include the use of surfactants or coupling agents, surface grafting, intercalation, microencapsulation, ultrafine refinement, and the preparation of magnesium hydroxide whiskers. These modification methods can improve the compatibility between magnesium hydroxide and polymers, improve their assembly performance and processing performance. Through different experiments and ratios, the modification effect of magnesium hydroxide can be better controlled, thereby achieving the best flame retardant effect in the adhesive.

Flame retardants are mainly used in the fields of transportation, electronic and electrical equipment, furniture, and building materials. Although adding flame retardants may not fully equip materials with the ability to resist intense fire, it can effectively reduce the occurrence of fires and provide valuable escape time for people. In the space where a fire occurs, flammable gases and heat often accumulate, leading to the possibility of "flash ignition", where various flammable substances burn simultaneously in a very short period of time. The application of flame retardants can effectively prevent this situation from occurring.

Taking the cathode ray tube television with a plastic casing as an example, if it is not treated with flame retardant, the escape time for people in the event of a fire may be less than 2 minutes, while with the addition of flame retardant, the escape time can be extended to more than 30 minutes. This fully demonstrates the important role of flame retardants in protecting people's lives and property safety.


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