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Details Information

Chloroplatinic Acid

Chemical name: Chloroplatinic acid

Chinese alias: platinum chloric acid

English name: (Hydro)chloroplatinic acid

Density (g / cm3): 2.431

Melting point (℃): 60

Molecular weight: 517.90

Molecular formula: H2PtCl6·6H2O

Appearance: Orange red crystal

CAS: 16941-12-1

Technical data:

Item indicators



Appearance (visual)

orange red crystal

Platinum content (%)


physicochemical parameters:

Stability: Strong hygroscopicity

Quality standard: HG3-1079-77

Product storage: Stored in dry and sealed condition


Produce platinum catalyst special for silicone, or produce catalyst for the production of polyether silicone oil;

Produce precious metal catalyst and precious metal coating;

Used for platinum plating and platinum catalyst, immortal ink and platinum mirror


5, 10, 50, 100, 1000 (g/bottle), according to customer requirements to provide packaging.

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