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Addition molding silicone is a commonly used mold material

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Addition molding silicone is a commonly used mold material, and its usage method is simple and effective. Firstly, preparation work is very important. Before use, the silicone gel and curing agent should be mixed evenly in a certain proportion, usually in a 1:1 ratio. Ensure that there are no bubbles generated during the mixing process to avoid affecting the quality of the mold. At the same time, confirm the size and shape of the mold that needs to be made, so that it can be quickly poured into the mold after mixing.
Next, pour the mixed silicone into the mold. Before pouring, you can apply some mold separating agent to the bottom of the mold to make it easier to remove it after it solidifies. Then, slowly and evenly pour the silicone gel into the mold, ensuring that the liquid fills the entire mold space. Meanwhile, be careful not to spill or produce bubbles. After pouring, gently shake the mold to eliminate residual bubbles.
Next, place the mold filled with silicone in a dry and ventilated place for curing. Generally speaking, the curing time is about 24 hours, but the specific time may vary depending on the type and temperature of silicone gel. During the curing process, avoid touching or moving the mold to avoid affecting the curing effect. In addition, temperature control devices can be used to accelerate the curing process, but be careful not to exceed the tolerance temperature of the silicone.
Finally, after curing is completed, the mold can be carefully removed. Gently pry up the edge of the mold with your fingers, and then slowly push the entire mold out from the center towards all sides. If the mold is difficult to remove, gently tap the bottom of the mold to help it detach. After removal, certain adjustments and polishing can be carried out to make the surface of the mold smoother.
Adding silicone molds can be used to make molds of various shapes and sizes, which are widely used in handicraft production, sculpture, model making, industrial production and other fields. Its usage method is simple, just pay attention to mixing evenly, curing after pouring into the mold, and careful operation when removing the mold. The characteristic of silicone injection molding is that it has excellent flexibility and durability after curing, and can be used multiple times. Therefore, it is loved and used by a wide range of production enthusiasts and industrial producers. Whether it is for personal production or large-scale production, silicone injection molds are a very practical material.

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