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Polyethylsiloxane Fluids MY 2056 PES

Polyethylsiloxane Fluids MY 2056 PES

MY 2056 PES Polyethylsiloxane fluids are mixtures of oligomers in the basic linear structure of the general formula:

CAS No.: 63148-61-8

Specific properties of polyethylsiloxane fluids are their full compatibility with mineral and synthetic oils, excellent lubricating properties, low gel point (below -70°C) and inertness towards structural and functional materials(metals, alloys, plastics, polymers, rubber, etc.)

Polyethylsiloxane fluids are colorless, odorless, chemically inert. They are soluble in aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, insoluble in lower alcohols and water. Polyethylsiloxane fluids are non-toxic, explosion-proof.

Technical index:


MY 2056 PES -1

MY 2056 PES-2


colorless to pale yellow liquid

Viscosity at 25°C, mm2/s



Refractive Index, 25°C



Flash point, °C



Density at 20°C g/cm3



Solidifying point, °C



Acid value, KOH mg/g



Application areas of polyethylsiloxane fluids:

MY 2056 PES Polyethylsiloxane fluids are used in hydraulic systems( cooling and power fluids), in instruments (lubricating oils), as well as they serve as low-temperature oil base.

These fluids provide a stable operation of instruments and mechanisms in the Far North. The good dielectric properties of polyethylsiloxanes allow using them as instrumental fluid in electro mechanisms. They are used at the operating temperature from minus 70-150°C.

In chemistry and petrochemistry:

-      Basic element of textile composition used in cord tissue for tire industry. It reinforces fibers, improves tire quality

-      Release agent and modifier in molding materials, glass-reinforcedplastic

-      Anti-dust additive in pigment manufacture

-      Heat transfer agent operating at 150-200°C in open systems and at 180-250°C in closed ones

-      Release emulsion base at compounded rubber plants

-      Plasticizer in the manufacture of rubber products

-      The base of general-purpose greases

In cosmetics:

-      Cream base, additive to lipstick and mascara.

In aircraft and car industry:

-      Damping fluid, liquid grease, shock absorbing fluid base, heat transfer agent.

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